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Step for Peace
by Zahed Haftlang

The purpose for Step for Peace is to raise funds for peace. We live in a world where unfortunately there is war. I have seen this world first hand and I would like for my children and their children to live in a better world than the one that I have seen since I was a child.

Your donation will help spread the word for peace. For every dollar donation we raise you will help raise awareness.

Make your donation today and make a difference.

Thank you,

One person can make a difference. I know it to be true because I have seen on the battlefield how one person can decide to kill or not to kill, to pull the trigger or to refuse to end another person’s life. I have known how easy it is to fire off deadly rockets without thinking about where they will land or what damage they will do. I have come face-to-face with those who resort torture and others who have lifted a hand to help a broken soul.

Wars continue without end around the world. The list of current confrontations stretches through too many countries. Hundreds of people are killed senselessly every week as a result of war. I cannot listen to the reports of death and destruction without feeling that I have a responsibility to do something.

I struggled for many years to figure out what one person can accomplish. I am not a famous person or part of a major organization or a well-financed non-profit agency. But I know if everyone refused to go to war, there would be no war. If believe it would make a difference if workers at the weapons factory refused to build the bombs.

I believe I must try to reach those who fight wars and those who build weapons. I must speak to those who negotiate peace and urge them to work a little bit harder.

I expect I will not be alone in this anti-war journey. I have spoken to many veterans of wars around the world who have said similar things. Activists in every community have joined international peace marches and anti-war protests. I cannot sit back just because they are speaking out. I realized that I too must try to make a difference. I hope to walk across the continent – from Vancouver British Columbia to the United Nations in New York – to grab the attention of all peace-loving people.

I begin my appeal for peace with one step, and then another and another until there will be no more war. I invited you to join me in the step-for-peace.

Zahed Haftlang

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